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St. Patrick's Day Foods, with Easy to Follow Recipes

The foods of St. Patrick's Day are based on the traditional foods of Ireland. Below is a desciption of each and a link to an easy to follow recipe and - if you want to buy it ready-to-eat - fast shipping sources!

Most popular and traditional Irish-American St. Patrick's Day meal:

A traditional St. Patrick's Day meal is easy to make - and tastes great. The tradition Irish meal consists of:

Other corned beef and cabbage recipe versions to suit your health needs and tastes!

  • Other Traditional Irish foods:

    Theological issues - Eating meat on Friday, if March 17th is a Friday?

    What if March 17th, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday (which it does about every 7 years)? Can Catholics eat meat? Well, every year in which St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday, each of the dioceses make their own determination As you can see on the map, most are green, meaning it's ok. But not if you are in an orange diocese! You can read all about it here on the National Catholic Register website.

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